Get To Know About The Punjabi Culture & Tradition

Get To Know About The Punjabi Culture & Tradition

  • By - Sikhi Art
  • 07 July, 2020

Punjabi Culture is the way of life of the Punjab region. It is one of the oldest and most extravagant cultures in world history, dating from old vestige to the modern period. In spite of the fact that Punjabi is first language of the locals of Punjab in India and Pakistan, it is currently spoken universally by an expected 100 to 125 million people.

The language finds a position of pride in numerous nations including Canada where it is the fourth most communicated in language. The Punjabi Culture is the way of life of the Punjabi individuals who are currently conveyed all through the world. A portion of the fundamental areas include, Punjabi Philosophy, verse, otherworldliness, training, imaginativeness, music, cooking, science, innovation, military fighting, engineering, customs, qualities and history.

Punjabi Culture, Tradition, Food & Festivals

Folk songs, dance fairs, and celebrations of love and war, move, music, and writing are the attributes of the social existence of this state. Punjabi writing has its inceptions in the spiritualist and religious couplets of the thirteenth century. The founder of the Sikh Panth is Guru Nanak Ji in the 15th century.

Folk Dance and Songs

Dance and song require a great deal of amusement during celebrations and festivities. "Bhangra" and "Gidda" are folk dances of Punjab. With an energetic screenplay by "Dholak in "Bhangra", individuals move excitedly to the tunes of music. It likewise has different forms, for example, Jhumar, Dhankara, and Gatka. Additionally, "Gidda" is a significant practice played by Punjabi ladies with "Bolis".

Punjabi Tradition

The traditional dress of men in Punjab is kurta-pajama with turban and ladies wear Lehenga-kurta as their traditional dress alongside Patiala suit. Be that as it may, the more youthful age inclines toward in vogue dresses as per the style situation.

There is an assortment of colors in turban and dupatta. The dupatta worn by ladies is known as "Phulkari" and men's turban incorporates different sorts, for example, the Patka, the Pagri, the Kaski turban, and the Dhamla. Wearing a turban is its style and is necessary for all Sikhs.

Punjabi Food

Punjabi food is a lot of like Punjabis – rich, brimming with life and loaded with flavor. Roasted food is additionally well known in Punjab.

Punjabi people are constantly known for their bread, being a condition of farming area and wheat. A Punjabi food is never finished without (Lassi) or buttermilk.

Festivals Are Celebrated In Punjab


One of the most significant celebrations of Punjab is the celebration of Baisakhi, which is celebrated in April. It is one of the biggest gather celebrations. On this extraordinary day, the tenth Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh established the Khalsa in 1699.


This festival is celebrated by Sikhs to recognize their masters. There are 2 significant Guruparvas held consistently. The first Gurparva is celebrated in October or November to recognize the introduction of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The second Gurparva is held in December or January to recognize the introduction of Guru Govind Singh Ji. The free food known as 'Langar' is likewise served similarly to the rich and poor.


Lohri is celebrated in the month of January. The celebration of Lohri is a special festival for the Punjabis. On this propitious and euphoric everybody celebrates richness and the sparkle of life. Individuals join the moments by singing songs and giving all the best. The first Lohri of a newly married bride and newborn child is extremely important.

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